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6 Great Sheet Music Titles to Play on Synthesizer/Keyboard

The synthesizer is a crucial part of 21st century music. Thanks to this machine, artists can generate sound waves that they can then modify to create whole new sounds. In this article, we’ve listed 6 great sheet music titles to play on synthesizer/keyboard!

10 Popular French Songs to Play on the Piano

French popular music as a genre has existed for a longtime and many of the songs have become successful all over the world. This article lists 10 popular French songs you can play on the piano, either solo or with accompaniment.

8 Great Sheet Music Titles to Play on the Viola

Discover eight great sheet music titles to play on the viola. Includes access to the sheet music in various levels of difficulty, as well as the audio accompaniment (where available).

The Most Beautiful Songs by Famous Composers to Sing

The repertoire for classical singers is immense, from the vast array of famous composers to different musical periods, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we present the most beautiful songs by famous composers to sing.

5 Wonderful Worship Songs to Play on the Piano

Music has been a part of religion for centuries because it is a beautiful way for people to worship together and to enhance the religious experience. In this article, we will present five wonderful worship songs which are either traditional hymns or contemporary praise and worship songs, to play on the piano.